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What's your win?

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What’s your win?

Our video clients

Why Captiv8?



If you want to stand out from your competition, you have to stand out! Video that showcases what your business does best will drive the right customers, the ones who need your products and services, to your door and keep them coming back. That's a win.



We take the time to get to know your business, your company values, and your target market so we can create video content that connects you to your ideal customer. By understanding how you want to grow your business, we can help you move your company where you want it to go.



Your goals are our goals: more leads, more conversions and more income for you. We are invested in the process along with you. After all, we know that if we help you succeed today, we will lay the foundation for a strong relationship as your business continues to grow.

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Why Video Matters

Get 80% More Customers: Video content increases conversion of leads to paying customers by 80%. That means more revenue for you.

Reach 135% More People: Compared to other types of media, video gets shared 12 times more and reaches 135% more people organically. That's getting more for your marketing dollar.

Build Trust: Videos allow potential clients to make a face-to-face connection, giving them a greater sense of trust before they ever walk through your door.

Keep Visitors On Your Site: Engaging video is proven to keep visitors on your site. The longer a customer is in the store, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

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Success Stories

We make content that helps your business win! Don’t just take our word for it – see how we have helped these companies reach their goals with targeted video marketing.


We engaged potential donors to encourage giving to the listener-supported organization by presenting past donors, on-air personalities, and employees in their full “humanity” to help viewers connect on a personal level.

Watch our WPER-FM video


We used video to place youth in the virtual audience to show them the benefits of participating in S.A.L.T. as part of a campaign that helped it grow to an event attracting hundreds.

Watch our S.A.L.T. video

AMPD Strong

We motivated the target audience of AMPD Strong to not only participate in fitness programs, but to invest in instructor training through precise social media marketing, while simultaneously encouraging sharing through an engaging story and relevant workout styles.

Watch our AMPD video

Working With Captiv8


It all starts with discovery! We learn about you and your customers so we can develop content that matters to them. We'll create a script and storyboard to guide every step of your production.


You will get a custom production schedule so your video shoot is efficient and low-stress, freeing you up to enjoy the process. Our productions are professional, personal, and fun!

Post Production

You'll get to see your content and provide feedback as we refine it to get everything just right. Since we carefully planned the project fom the start, you will get your finished video quickly.


Not sure of how to get the most views or clicks? We can take care of that, too, saving you time and money by optimizing your video placemnet on social media, web or TV.

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